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The Company

SIDANIS Pharma GmbH ("SIDANIS") is a biopharmaceutical company that discovers and develops drugs to prevent and treat infectious diseases in human and animal health.

SIDANIS is focused on preclinical and early clinical phases of drug development, spanning the pharmaceutical value chain from drug discovery to proof of efficacy and safety in clinical trials. Later steps will be carried out with co-operation partners.

The company was founded in Hamburg, Germany, and is privately owned. Until now, SIDANIS led its business without direct employees and laboratories and pursued its objectives through contract awards. After having achieved major development milestones recently, the operative business is planned to begin in 2021 when financing is secured.



SIDANIS was founded by Dr. Oswald W. Lockhoff, who since then runs the business as managing director (CEO).

He is one of the key inventors of the GCI immunostimulators and has conducted their development in recent years. He has an extensive scientific and industrial background in the pharmaceutical industry and held senior positions in the development of clinical drug candidates and marketed drugs. He received a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Hamburg and studied business economics.

Advisory Board

The management is actively supported by a strong network of advisors and professionals from academia and pharmaceutical industry.

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