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SIDANIS - an Attractive Investment

SIDANIS is a start-up enterprise with a great potential to provide solutions for global health issues in humans and in animals.

We have secured our outstanding projects in many in-vitro and in-vivo studies, we have discussed our results and development plans with experts from academia and industry and we have provided the proof-of-concept in livestock. We are ready to transform our data, ideas and visions into products which meet high medical needs. To enable their realisation we are looking for funding (A-round) from investors.

We are aware that today investments into pharmaceutical start-ups and particularly in antimicrobial R&D are not very attractive to venture capitalists. Less than 5% of global VC investments in pharmaceutical R&D ($38bn) between 2003 and 2013 was for antimicrobial development. Whenever (European) VCs tend to invest into life sciences, they prefer less risky engagements in diagnostics and medical devices, but not in putative high-risk drug developments.

However, we are targeting at global markets in human and animal health, we pursue unique and proprietary paths to provide solutions for global health problems with high medical needs and we have a scalable business model. Therefore we are convinced that an investment in SIDANIS is promising while the risk is manageable.

An investment in SIDANIS is attractive from two points of view. An investor will participate in an outstanding increase of the value of the company, and the investment is of high ethical importance, as the company provides innovative contributions to solving major problems in health services, both in human and veterinary medicine.

And finally: an investment in SIDANIS is in full compliance with ESG criteria. ESG stands for "Environmental, Social, and Governance". It summarises the areas in which we must act to protect nature, ensure social progress and improve governance standards that support the development and prosperity of the global economy.

Investors increasingly take these non-financial factors into account in their investment decisions.

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