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Who we are

Sidanis is a biopharmaceutical start-up enterprise focusing on innovative therapies to prevent and treat infectious diseases in human and animal health.

We are developing next-generation anti-infectives which support our natural defense system - the immune system - to detect and eliminate pathogens. more >


What drives us

The emergence and spread of microbial resistance to antimicrobials represents a massive threat to human and animal health. Antibiotic-resistant bugs pose a clinical super-challenge.

With the knowledge from recent years of how the immune system detects and eliminates disease-causing organisms, we now can devise novel ways of infection control. more >


What we do

We develop a new class of drug molecules - so-called glycoconjugate immunostimulators (GCI) - which selectively activate the immune system of mammals to protect the bodies from infectious incidences. The drugs either specifically augment the immune response as adjuvants in vaccinations or they act as host defense modifier which broadly increase the host's resistance against a variety of pathogens. more >

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What we want to achieve

Complementary to traditional ways to combat pathogens we strive to establish GCI as a supplement or alternative to vaccines and/or antibiotics and thereby induce a paradigm shift in infection control.

GCI have the potential to lessen our dependence on antibiotics in disease control. more >

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